All About Dog Pedicures!

A pedicure for dogs is just how it sounds. It is very similar to a pedicure for humans, although the techniques used to give a dog a pedicure is somewhat different from the ones used on humans, for many reasons.

To give a dog a pedicure, there are different tools used because of the shape of the dogs toenails as well as the thickness and other characteristics. Unlike human pedicures, a pedicure for a dog is what you would call a necessity. Dog pedicures are not used as a way to relax and spend time getting a foot massage while you relax at the spa.

A pedicure for a dog is the upkeep of the toenails to keep them healthy and prevent them from hurting themselves and ruining furniture and other valuables of yours. When a dogs toenails get too long, it can be hazardous to their health. It can cause them to have misshapen toes and their toenails can break off past the quik (the part of the toenail close to the edge where there are nerves) and cause them a lot of pain.

It is important to keep your dogs toenails maintained. You can do this at home or professionally. If you choose to give your dog a pedicure at home, you need to be very careful and make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment, including good clippers and a file. You may also want to purchase a special stick that can prevent bleeding if you cut too far and damage the quik.

By: Raymond Spencer


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